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Switching your halogen downlights to LED globes makes perfect sense

Changing over to LED lighting is happening fast, not only because of the fantastic savings that can be made to your pocket but for a whole variety of reasons listed below. 


At LED Energy Saver, we help our customers to a hassle free, speedy LED upgrade.

ultra energy efficient


  • LEDs will save you 90% off your lighting bill.

  • Eleven of our MR16 LEDs cost the same to run as one 50 watt halogen.

  • A house with twenty 50 watt halogen downlights running for 6 hours a day will save you approximately $602 a year, based on 30 cents per kw/h, this upgrade will pay for itself within 20 days.

  • FACT... according to, "Over the past 5 years there have been a significant number of fires in NSW related to halogen downlights. Halogen downlights create a lot of heat, if they are not correctly insulated, installed and maintained they can cause a fire."


keep your family & your home safe

  • A typical 50w halogen globe will reach a running temp of more than  300 degrees Celsius within 10 minutes, this is hot enough to melt plastic transformers, burn electric cabling and char insulation and timber ceiling joists. 

  • LEDs have a running temp of approximately 45 degree Celsius, making your home much safer and cooler in summer.

Learn more about halogen heat/fire risk here.



  • An LED will last approximately 20 times longer than a halogen globe, with a typical lifespan of 50 thousand hours.

  • No more blown globes means less maintenance, so

  • no more getting the ladder out , checking your bulb supply or running to the shops.



  • Our standard LEDs are 7% brighter than a new halogen

  • Our deluxe recessed LED is 12.5%      brighter with a wider beam, giving a  softer, broader light.


 improve the aesthetic of your home

  • The high heat that halogens produce can cause light fittings and ceilings to discolour over time.

  • Our deluxe recessed LEDs  rejuvenate your ceiling, giving a fresh modern look and can hide some previous discolouration.

info  graphic old -new v3.jpg


 keep roof cavity dust & bugs  out

  • Our deluxe recessed lights are a sealed unit that fits flush against your ceiling, so that insects, dirt, insulation and vermin are kept in your roof cavity and won't fall though any gaps as they can do in halogen fittings.


Quality assurance



look after the environment

  • All our installations are carried out by knowledgeable, fully licensed and insured electricians.

  • Our electricians have upgraded over 1000 homes in the Hunter & Central Coast areas.

  • Our LEDs are rigorously tested and approved by the NSW Government for use in the Scheme, unapproved products can not be used.

  • We stand by our products with a 12 month warranty on all LEDs that we fit.

  • LEDs give every home owner a chance to contribute to an environmental solution that also makes economic sense, it's a rare win - win.

  •  Your small contribution towards household energy efficiency, when combined with many others, makes a significant difference to the bigger picture. In short, everybody chipping with their own personal energy efficiency improvements is vital in helping Australia reduce carbon emissions.

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