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Halogen Fire Hazards

  • Halogen globes run HOT, scorching hot, reaching temperatures greater than 300 degrees celcius. If the glass globe touches items in your roof that are flammable or can be melted, there is the real danger of a fire occurring. Often light fittings are covered in insulation which makes the problem worse.

  • Ever walked over carpet upstairs and felt hotspots underfoot? That's your halogen globes from the ground floor ceiling pumping out heat. In fact 95% of the electricity used by a halogen globe is given off in heat which is highly inefficient and potentially dangerous.

  • This also adds extra heat to your home in summer which makes it harder to keep your house cool.


Ticking time bombs...

  • The photos here  are of transformers we have removed from ceilings during LED upgrades. They have come into contact with a halogen globe and at 300°C you can see the melting and burning that has occurred. Above every MR16 light is a transformer like one of these.

  • Are any of your transformers or house wiring touching the halogen globes?

  • It should be noted that the transformer is not the producer of heat, it has come in contact with the globe which is the heat source. This can happen with careless installation, globe changes or people in the roof cavity accidently and unknowingly pushing things around.

FACT... according to www., "Over the past 5 years there have been a significant number of fires in NSW related to halogen downlights. Halogen downlights create a lot of heat, if they are not correctly insulated, installed and maintained they can cause a fire."

Fire circle.png

Left - This transformer

is undamaged.  

Right - This transformer

has been melted

by the halogen globe.

Heat damaged GU10 fittings and wiring


The black areas on the white heat resistant sheath are caused by charring from heat. The wiring is very brittle and easily broken from movement.

  • On the left is how a new fitting looks. The white heat resistant sheath protecting the 240 Volt wiring is soft and supple.

  • On the right, the heat damaged fitting. Burnt and very brittle from prolonged exposure to hi temps from the halogen globe

Dangerous wiring


Left side - wiring in good condition with protective white insulation in place.

Right side - wiring is dangerous, rats or vermin have eaten the insulation completely off the cables. Touching could create a short circuit and is a fire risk.

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