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  • Is this a scam?
    This is our most commonly asked question. No, it isn't a scam, the offer is run and audited through the NSW Government's Energy Saving Scheme, also known as the ESS. Check out this their website to find out more details about the scheme. LED Energy Saver is a licensed Electrical contractor based in Newcastle NSW. LIcence Number - 340648C You can check our licence details through Service NSW here -
  • How many lights do we need to qualify for the scheme ?
    You need a minimum of 10 existing halogen downlights to qualify. They can be a mix of MR16, GU10 and PAR 38 lights. You can see photos of what halogen globes and common fittings look like in the 'Elligible Globes' page.
  • Will LEDs really save me 90% in power?
    Yes. Our MR16 LED uses 4.2w and a halogen uses 50w. If you do the maths: Difference in power use - 50w (halogen) - 4.2w( Mr16 led) = 45.8w (per light) To work out the % saving in electricity - 45.8/50 x 100 = 91.6% saving.
  • Will the LED lights be as bright and have the same coloured light as my existing halogens?
    Yes, by at least 7%. The Energy Saving Scheme rules state, that the LEDs we install must be equivalent to or brighter than the halogens they replace. Our globes are lab tested to prove this before the government approves them for use in the Energy Saving Scheme. The colour temperature or colour of the light given off for our LED MR16 and LED GU10 globes is the same as a standard halogen - warm white or 3000K.
  • What are the quality of the LEDs you install like?
    All LEDs installed must first be approved by the scheme administrators before we are allowed to install them. Prior to receiving approval to be used in the scheme, manfactures must provide lab reports to IPART (Independant Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal) detailing test procedures and results for each LED globe so as to comply with the ESS standards. All our LEDs have a one year product warranty - if the item is faulty we will send you a new one free of charge.
  • Why is it so cheap?
    The NSW Government created the Energy Saving Scheme in 2009 to save energy and to reduce carbon emissions. This scheme is actually an easy way for the government to make significant % increases in energy efficiency - per household. When combined on mass, the potential electricity savings are huge. If you consider, each LED represents a real electricity useage saving of 90% per globe, compared to the halogen it replaces, then multiply that, by all the lights in a house, multiplied by all the homes in NSW being upgraded, then the savings are truly massive, just like this sentence :) For a powerstation/electricity generator to make a similar percentage increase in energy efficiency would be next to impossible. The Energy Savings Scheme contributes to Australia's carbon emission reduction targets.
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LED Energy Saver terms and conditions


This offer is valid upon payment of the $33 fee (GST included) as part of the NSW Governments Energy Saving Scheme,

A minimum of 10 lights are required to qualify. All removed globes must be disposed of responsibly by our electrician. Surcharges may apply for ceiling heights above 3.5m or if extra wiring is required to upgrade or make safe an existing installation. Recessed tri colour selection is set on warm white by default unless otherwise advised by the customer. LED Energy Saver reserves the right to not carry out or to cancel and installation for safety, technical, economic or other reasons at the sole discretion of the installation electrician. Advertised lighting specifications may be subject to change depending on supply or manufacturing changes/improvements. All prices include GST.

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