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Give your home a fresh, modern look by updating to our deluxe recessed LED light

- 5 watts power use. This means you can run 10 of these for the same cost as one 50 watt halogen.

- Fits flush against the ceiling covering old damage and discolouration whilst sealing the roof space from your living areas. Dust and bugs can't get through from the roof.

- You choose the colour temperature of the light with a flick of a switch on the back of the light. Choose between warm white, neutral or cool white (3/4/5000K) whatever suits the ambience of the room.

- Future proof, we install plug bases in your ceiling so the light literally 'plugs in'. Should it need replacing then you just unplug and remove, then plug a new unit in. No electrician required.

- Dimmable 

- Large diffuser panel gives a soft, wide spread of light over 90°

- Lifespan of approx 50,000 hrs.

- Safe, runs cool at approx 45° C, compared to 300°C halogen.

- $19.95 per light including installation thanks to the NSW Government's Energy Saving Scheme.

photo of a 5 watt recessed deluxe LED

Upgrade your old lights/fittings to a deluxe recessed LED 

Before and after - to compare swipe the arrow left or right comparison

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