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Eligible Lights

See below to find common examples of typical halogen globes and light fittings as installed in NSW homes
All these examples qualify for the scheme, meaning they can be upgraded to LEDs through the Energy Saving Scheme.
To see photos of INELIGIBLE lights that DON'T qualify for the scheme please click here
GU10 halogen globe - 240 Volt - round pins - twists in

Par 38 -  Halogen floodlight, screws in

MR16 halogen globe -12 Volt - thin pins - push in
240v, 50 watt GU10 halogen globe showing closeup of pins
12 volt, 50 watt halogen MR16 globe showing closeup of pins

Common MR16 halogen downlights that can be upgraded through the Scheme

Par 38 Halogen PNG cutout.png
Selection of different MR16 halogen downlight fittings as installed in NSW homes

Common GU10 halogen lights - Note: not all are downlights but can still be upgraded through the scheme

A selection of common GU10 halogen fittings found in NSW homes. Downlights and free standing multi globe fittings

Common PAR 38 floodlights that are included through the Scheme

Par 38 outdoor floodlights some with motion sensor installed
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