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How to qualify  your existing halogens are the right type and to choose your LED replacements

Step 1. Identify you have 10 existing  halogen globes

Do you have these types of halogen globes?

You need to have a minimum of 10 halogen globes to qualify for the scheme. They can be any combination of the three halogens pictured below 

MR16 Halogen globe  PNG%20cutout_edited.png
GU10 in efficient Halogen globe
Par 38 150 Watt halogen globe

MR16 Halogen - Two thin pins that push into place - 50 watts

Gu10 halogen - Round pins and twists into place - 50 watts

Par 38 halogen - outdoor floodlight - 150 watts

Step 2. Choose your standard replacement LEDs

Choose your LEDs -  MR16, GU10 or PAR38 floodlight to match your existing halogens

MR16 LED ultra efficient globe

MR16 - LED - 4.2 watts

GU10 LED globe 5 watts

GU10 LED - 5 watts

Par 30 LED globe

PAR 38 floodlight replacement LED 15 watts

Want the best? Upgrade to deluxe recessed LEDs  

Modern kitchen with LED recessed downlights.
Recessed LED - sleek,modern,compact,efficient,future proof,variable colour temp,run 10 of these for the same cost as one 50 watt halogen
Modern, sleek recessed LED downlights in a bedroom.

Do you have a dimmer that controls the brightness of your halogen downlights ? 

Dimmer switch which controls the brightness of lights

If you do, please let our team know

Call LED Energy Saver to switch to LEDs and start saving right away

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